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The Academic General Practitioner Development Network (AHON), part of the Department of General Practice and Elderly Care Medicine of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), manages the AHON-database that comprises routinely collected care da...

General Design

Cohort type

Clinical cohort, Population cohort



Collection type

Retrospective, Prospective

Start/End year

1998 - ongoing





Netherlands (the)


Overijssel, Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen

Number of participants


Age group at inclusion

All ages

Main medical condition
  • No main medical condition

Contact and Contributors

Lead organisation

  • University Medical Centre Groningen


Available Data & Samples

Data categories

  • Medical records
  • National registries

Areas of information

  • Socio-demographic and economic characteristics
  • Health and community care services utilization
  • Medication and supplements
  • Non-pharmacological interventions
  • Death


List of subcohorts or subpopulations for this resource...

Collection events

List of collection events defined for this resource...


Access conditions

Any researcher can request a dataset for scientific research with the intention of publication in a national or international journal. However, studies funded by a health insurance company or by the pharmaceutical industry will not be granted access ...

Data access conditions
  • general research use
  • health or medical or biomedical research
Data use conditions
  • not for profit, non commercial use only
  • publication required
  • project specific restriction
  • return to database or resource
Data access fee


Release type
  • Periodically
Release description

Every three months new data are added to the longitudinal AHON-database.

Linkage options

Linkage with other datasets is possible using pseudonyms generated by ZorgTTP (as preferred trusted third party). Until now we have experience in linking data from NKR, CBS, GGD and Certe. Linkage with other (health related) registries might also be possible.

Funding & Acknowledgements


This research has been conducted using the AHON-database, with the support of [list of AHON personnel that supported the research]. The AHON-database is an ongoing longitudinal database which aims to give insight into medical care provided in general practices in the North of the Netherlands. Starting in 1998, pseudonymized patient records have been added to the AHON-database every three months from a growing number of participating general practices. Patients are informed by their general practices via folders, posters, and websites of their participation in the AHON-database. Individual patients can fill out an opt-out form in order to not have their data recorded in the AHON-database.